Air Duct Cleaning Colorado Springs

The maze of vents and ducts that make up your heating/cooling system are designed to keep your home comfortable. They may, in fact, be making you uncomfortable or even sick. If your home is more than a year old, contaminants may be clinging to every inch of your duct system — and you and your family are breathing all of it in each day.

There are many ‘contaminants’ that can dwell within the walls of your home’s air ducts. Depending on environment and other factors, your air/heating ducts could be sporting mold (in humid climates), toxins and residue from household products, moisture, and even dirt. These contaminants can cause an extremely serious problem with your home’s air quality. Individuals with asthmas can suffer greatly from these troublesome materials lurking in your ducts and vents. Even healthy individuals can suffer symptoms from allergens coming up with your heat or air conditioning. These include; watery eyes, headaches, breathing issues, fatigue, nausea, and even skin irritations.

Chimney Pros & Kleen Ducts uses the Rotobrush® duct cleaning system to rid your home of contaminants. Our advanced methods will thoroughly scrub and vacuum your duct work without harsh chemicals.

CLICK HERE to view an in-depth video of the Rotobrush® system at work.

Don’t worry any longer over the unseen predators in your vents and ductwork. Call us today for a free estimate.

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